Reject that colonial attitude of growing plants in an appropriate environment. I don't care if it's too hard to make cauliflower to grow in the desert, comra...

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She must have sucked dick or had a parent pay for her business degree. There is no way this vapid twat got a good degree on merit.




Cauliflower is racist. I'm laughing so hard, my eyes are watering and I literally have to lie down for a minute. I wonder if she's wearing any cotton...


This racialist shit is blowing my fucking mind.

Bitch, you do realize that black and latino people have been growing "colonized plants" for centuries without your racialist insistence on growing 'racially appropriate' foods? They know how to grow shit. By the way, they used to do it without consent too.

The problem with a lot of these 'development programs' is that they are imposing conditions on the population. You are doing the same thing by making demands on how and what people should fucking grow on their own god damned property.

How about you shut the fuck up, step the fuck back, push to loosen city ordinances on vegetable gardens and food sales, and stop trying to insist on your racially pure farming methods?


The hero we deserve: this woman could end the obesity crisis in the USA.


Idiocracy is here.


Despite all she said, she was still on script.


Trofim would be so proud! She has the language down perfectly.


How about you FUCK OFF with your racist authoritarian dystopian "deal" AOC! You fucking moron, you don't have any basic knowledge about ANYTHING to be making ANY important decisions. It blows my mind how is it that New Yorkers voted for this dumb bitch. The NPC programming astounds!


I propose "The White New Deal" The "White New Deal"

  1. Pay any non-white people $10,000 to get a vasectomy or tubes tied. Disguise it as affirmative action and combating global warming so SJWs go along with it. Offer any prisoners a reduction in sentencing and money as well to get vasectomies or tubes tied.

  2. Work out a good deal with an African country on some cheap land and housing, and in return we give them blacks with a bunch of money and have relatively good education (by African standards).

  3. Pay non-whites of reproductive age, (18-30 years old) and who haven't gotten vasectomies, $30,000 each to live in Africa. Also offer college debt forgiveness if they move to Africa. Again, say it's affirmative action and reparations and that it's so the poor black people can stop being oppressed by evil white devils so SJWs go along with it.

  4. Offer free college to blacks, as long as they agree to move to Africa after they complete their degree. They would be set up with some job in Africa, as well as given some money.

  5. Pay white women $5,000 if they chose to give their baby up for adoption, rather than abortion.

  6. Pay white people to have children for 1-2 generations.

  7. End all immigration into the country for non-whites.

  8. End dual citizenship.

  9. Cut off all aid to any other country, especially Israel.

  10. Make abortion free for non-whites.

  11. Abolish legal marriage.

  12. Only net tax payers of 21 years of age and who register for the draft can vote. Must be able to do at least 1 pull up, for basic military fitness requirements. Anyone who can't do that obviously wasn't taking their oath to defend their country seriously. Must also have a voter ID.

  13. Kick out all illegals and their children.

  14. Build the wall.

  15. End birthright citizenship.

  16. Offer whites with desirable traits (strength, intelligence, height, ect) money IF they produce children. For example, if you have an IQ above 125, you get $10,000 for each child you have. If you can bench/squat/deadlift 300/400/500 lbs, you get $10,000 per child. If you are over 6 ft tall, you get $10,000 for each child you produce. Then we will have a master race of the tallest, strongest, and smartest people in the world. If you have any genetic diseases, you don't get anything no matter what, and we might even pay you to not reproduce. In 1-2 generations we could be the tallest and strongest and most intelligent race on Earth (kind of already are but this would really make the gap indisputable). A higher average intelligence I think would also make people much less likely to be fooled by Marxist propaganda, preventing our country from even being lost again to communism or open boarders.

And we should take in all the white South Africans into out country to bolster our number of whites. Offer any whites money to move into our countries.

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