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its not specific to the left but i encounter it a lot more from the left then the right. assuming youre correct and getting mad / violent when the person refuses to accept the "correct thinking / ideas."


I hate how they twist things in to things they are not.... such as nazis being nationalist far right. If they were nationalists.... they would have STAYED in germany... they were globalists If they were "far-right" they wouldn't have been communists/socialists...... how did the jews being involved turn socialism in to a right wing movement?


I hate how the state in general is actually control by the money men. They pit left and right against each other but in reality they run the show. The world.

The brexit battle happened because it was an elite battle. London banking system vs European. Hidden tax havens vs open to Europe tax havens. Do you remember the panorama papers? Brexit was about banking.

Have the conservatives actually conserved anything? or stopped immigration or even slowed it down?

Left or right we are heading in the same direction. State control.

The Alt Hype Has a video showing research on how little public opinion steers politics compared to elite or media interests.



Token comment to help Sargon's algo: Number one thing I hate for me is Leftist media to NASA maintaining a parallel alternate reality (Dimension B) that MAINTAINS the ability for all other leftists to gas light with; an alternate reality where the Antarctic is melting instead of growing, the economy is worse under Trump than ever, anything good Trump does is evil/harming poor people or hermit crabs somewhere, etc. This alternate reality is IMPOSSIBLE to reconcile our's with and allows for all leftists to continue destroying our world by hating themselves, hating everyone else, and being stupid at full speed.

and the 4 other points are everything else everyone in the comments section is talking about.


One problem though, besides having socialist in the name the NAZI party wasn't leftist. They fought communists.

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