The Angry Astronaut debunks the notion that living on Mars would be a living hell, and describes how we would live, eat, survive and explore on this magnific...

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To anyone who thinks they will live on Mars in a structure like MARSHA or any other small surface structure...First I'd ask you how much you liked staying indoors for the last year and ask you how you'd like to do that for the rest of your life. Next I'd suggest get yourself a really authentic looking spacesuit costume and wear it anytime you leave your house, but don't just put it on, you need to take at least 45 minutes to put it on or take it off. Before donning the suit thoroughly inspect ever seem ever stitch to make sure there are absolutely no flaws. When you take it off you'll need to reinspect, clean and repair any flaw you find before carefully storing the suit for it's next use. While out side your home you cannot take the suit off for any reason, cannot eat or drink. You can urinate or defecate if you don't mind doing it in the diaper you are wearing.

This is what Bezos meant when he called Everest a paradise compared to Mars. A spacesuit is for all intents is a miniature habitat separate from the environment it protects you from. Though you could not survive long on top of Everest. You can stand on it summit touch the snow and stone, breath the air. Look out to a living breathing world. Which is something you will never ever do on the surface of mars.

The lava tubes of mars are kilometers high and wide, as many as hundreds of kilometers long. Whole cities could be constructed in them. Cities protected from the cold, radioactive, toxic, vacuum that is the surface of Mars. In the lava tubes million of people could live and work like human beings. Leaving their homes whenever they like to enjoy massive parks and green spaces so large you would have no sense you are not out side because the ceiling of the habitat is kilometers above your head.


It wouldn't be a living hell but you wouldn't want to give birth there or bring up your children there. It would be a fun place to explore and do science. I have a feeling that the earth will grow into a paradise in the future (I'm a semi-preterist futurist). It would suck if you were actually born there on Mars. I guess the only way out is for your children to have a better life, you would have to "rent a womb" on earth, and send your fertilized egg back. Then maybe stay in a space station orbiting Earth with revolving artificial gravity (circler and spinning), have your kid visit you on the weekends? they could stay in 1 G section around the edge and they could meet you more towards the middle with a lower G.


Aquaculture is a bit more complicated than the video makes it seem but it is doable if you can land enough materials. For colonization though? I don't think we have a good enough idea of the costs involved. It is not like people will have $1000 for one fish a day, so things need to be both possible and affordable.

We also don't know what the water quality will be. It could require significant processing to be usable but we also might be able to choose aquatic animals that work better with the water parameters.

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