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Lumber is up more than 80%. A single sheet of cheapass plywood used to be about $7-10, now it's $50. These retards are shutting down supply everywhere and scratching their head as to why the stores are emptier and emptier. Well gee, I thought we could always just go down to the store to buy things. There's no way they aren't intentionally crashing our economy. It's part of their plan.


Well gosh after trillions in bailouts, backdoor UBI, and a bloated Government wherein everyone makes $100+k with pension plans and non-stop spending so DC insiders get rich off tax payer money, yeah we are going to have inflation.

I am also talking to the Republican rhinos that have made it rain money too! We've got to get spending under control. Although, I think it is too late especially with the Dems drunk on printing more Biden bux for worthless programs, like the Green New Ripoff.

Not a fan of crypto but buy whatever you think will protect you against the massive inflation that is only going to get worse. I still like physical silver and gold but guns and ammo are also a good hedge. Storable food is a good idea at this stage.

If the dollar totally collapses get ready for war. The US dollar is the world reserve currency and if it goes down, the world is going to erupt into chaos and a global depression.

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