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0:09 - did you guys hear that? "I was lucky enough to take this phone with me" you know what that means? This is MARKETING. This isn't a sincere opinion - it's paid for.

How come we never see a guy who is given a new piece of technology and he absolutely destroys it? Why is everyone so bowled over when handed a new piece of technology by a company? Money and contracts.

We on the internet want TRUTH. We want to know the TRUTH about new products coming out, but it's totally commercalized now.

All of these happy "unboxers" all over youtube telling you how awesome something is before they even tried it, let alone used it for a week. Get REAL. This is the opposite of genuine, sincere information - this is bought and paid for ADVERTISING and I'm sick of seeing it masked as sincere opinions about things. BUG OFF.

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