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HISTORY comparing the Weimar Reoublic to the United States today. I study history, maybe you should too. Were I an American citizen, I would be horrified where the United States is going. This is nothing personal if you are American, it is just observations TODAY.

Weimar Republic: Wheelbarrows with filled money to buy food, the Mark (currency) is a joke. United States today: Rising food prices thinking food is getting expensive. Dollar falls, bitcoin rising.

Weimar Republic: Street battles on the street against Communists. United States today: Street battles mostly started by antifa.

Weimar Republic: Mother and daughter team in matching outfits "offering" themselves on the street. United States today: The "adult" movie Cuties by Netflix is considered ok.

Weimar Republic In the end: It "died" and a new strong man took power, WW2 occurs. United States today in the end: The future is guided by you and your ACTIONS (or INACTIONS). As the knight in Indiana Jones would say "Choose wisely."

If you support Censorship, do not be surprised when YOU are censored. Read the poem "First they came for...". It just might expand your horizons.


This just seems like theater. GOP will be done since they didn't stand up for Trump.


just take up arms at this point they made it clear they are going to cheat and screw people over our best solution as a society would be to execute Biden and everyone who is working with and defending him

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