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You know I don't dislike Blue Origin, but the thing is if Starship only comes within 25% of their cost to LEO goal then Blue Origin is going out of business. Everyone is going out of business, every state space agency is going to look ridiculously archaic. All of their projects are either going to be outright cancelled or be radically changed to reflect the new paradigm....I mean everyone is building planes with cloth and wood and bicycle parts. Then we look over to Texas and Musk is building a 747.


Is Bezos a Fascist or an Oligarch? Perhaps he styles himself as some other type of authoritarian figure. BO has been a disappointment in terms of their business strategy. Shrewd to be sure, but also a little corrupt.

Would you trust Bezos not to turn off the oxygen to your hab if you said something critical of WaPo or left a bad review on an Amazon Essentials product?

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