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I liked Quantum Leap. However I don't think everything needs a sequel, prequel, remake or reboot. I can't help feel that if it is coming from the network that gave us ST:D and Puke-ard that this interpretation of Quantum Leap won't include Woke Identity Politics somehow. I mean can they even have God directing someone to put right what once went wrong or would that offend some snowflake?


I'm fine with a hard reboot of Quantum Leap, but the original series is a complete story that shouldn't be touched....The fact is last season was getting a little silly and the end of the show was actually quiet poetic when looked at from the context of what the show was really about. In fact Sam getting to go home reminded me of Shakespeare, the line from the Prince in Romeo and Juliet "Heaven finds means to kill your joys with love!"..... Dr. Sam Beckett wasn't randomly jumping around in time, he was being directed by God. In Project Quantum Leap Dr. Sam Beckett attempted to screw with causality. He tried to take on to himself the power to change the past. God punishes him by using him to change things of God's choosing, not man's. Sam is punished for his sin of trying to play God by being forced to be the hand of God. If God ever allowed him to go home it would serve as encouragement for them to try again to send someone back to change the past.

IMO if they are going to do anything less than a hard reboot they should use Sam's fate as part of the plot, not try to change it. They could have it be years after Beckett's died. Someone ignorant of what happened is now been put in charge of restarting the program. Or have them now as a first test of the restarted program try to send someone back to change whatever they think went wrong in the first experiment where Beckett was lost. If the new protagonist is in his mid 30s he'd be just old enough to be alive when the original experiment happened.

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