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George Soros has brought the Socialist Revolution to the USA, funded by US taxes.


This might be brilliant.


Watch this.


The Democrats only have one though to destroy America Period!


this has been realy intersting to watch.


They don't teach Fabian Socialism in the school, they theach like the development of communism ended with Stalin and the post-Stalinist leaders, like Brezhnev, Chauchesku, Kadar, Honecker, Castro, Jaruselsky, maybe Chavez, they keeping in dark the progression and transformation of communist tactics and groups incorporated deeply into the West.


Hillary: If we increase carbon emission taxes, incomes will increase.
Yeah, that's not how taxes work for the working class...
Edit: Instantly after that we should also increase taxes on incomes, sigh.

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2019-02-Su 09:02:06 pm

Hillary: If we increase carbon emission taxes, incomes will increase.
Yeah, that's not how taxes work for the working class...


Looks at what's going on in the EU currently:

  • Mass immigration causing instability, check
  • Nationalities and national cultures being grinded away, check
  • Multiple larger parties advocating for full blown socialism, check
  • The environmental panic which can only be solved by socialism, check
  • Groups advocating for the chemical castration of young 'transgenders', check
  • All countries signed away free speech, check
  • Power is centralised away from the people, check
  • Most people are indoctrinated at a young age to believe exactly what they are told, check

Looks like I was right when I said half a year ago, to some friends, that we are heading towards a fascist society.
Not sure what to do about it though...
Seems like a doomed if you do, doomed if you don't kind of thing. Rise up against the current government and you'll cause the revolution these people want, do nothing and socialism will be implemented at an alarming pace.
I have spoken to others about this, but they seem content simply complaining while sitting on their hands and voting on the same parties over and over again.


This long video is worthwhile. It's a great rundown and explanation. Highly recommended.


Glenn Beck Presents: The Democrats’ Hydra

“As one falls, two more will take their place.”

Democracy does die in darkness and is being strangled in secret, back-door arrangements. In the third part of Glenn’s special series on the REAL Ukraine scandal, the team’s research exposes a much bigger story of what Democrats were doing in Ukraine. Disturbing details and explosive documents reveal how the Obama Deep State allowed the theft of a country and has set the stage for devastating consequences in our democracy today. Glenn explains how it’s all happening under the nose of the president and, more importantly, without the approval of the American people.

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