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You can apologize to your mother. You may apologize to your sig-other. NEVER apologize to the left.


the ok symbol being huite power is a troll started by /pol some years back. these proudy flaggots just can't get the joke.


What does the middle finger stand for these days? I'm thinking that suits this situation.


I am Chinese and I think this is seriously dumb. I am not offended. At all. Do you know what white supremacists also do. They breathe air, drink water, eat food, wear clothes and sleep. I also do that. Does that make everyone who does that white supremacists? The people who see white supremacists, but somehow they are not "white supremacists", belong in an insane asylum. THEY. NEED. MENTAL. HELP.


What he needed to say is: "HOW DARE YOU CALL ME RACIST!!!! HOW DARE YOU make such a COWARDLY and OFFENSIVE, baseless accusation about me!"

That is what you say to these disgusting cowards. Stop being so freaking apologetic when a group of people try to slander you!!! Have a spine and call them out for make baseless and offensive accusations! They do not know you. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT to say those things about you.

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