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The vaccine destroys your immune system so this is no surprise.


Woke: Zombies, Broke: Covid Vaccine great reset, Bespoke: Disease going around turning humans into anthros


It aint easy being a pure blood now but it will be when we are the only ones left.


Now they are changing the narrative because vaccinated people are getting sick and dieing from the vaccine. FUCKING WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!


There was a study where they used ferrets for a mrna vaccine for covid 1. They did fine until a year later they were released in the wild, and when introduced to covid in the wilderness they all died.


there are definitely a few factors in this.

covid land, face diapers, mass sterilization, isolation above the norm, and avoidance of crowds.

outside the germ and bacteria factories that are face diapers...........the rest of it is a recipe to compromise and weaken immune systems.

over sterilization run the risk of generating resistant bacteria as well as all other microbes. the hardy one survive and the weak get obliterated by scorched earth tactics, and virulent hardy winners tend to be aggressive and fast replicators go figure.

add on our chaos at the border and the admins insistence to allow a revolving door, despite being told by the sc to remain in mexico, being shipped to mostly red states i wager to inflate sick.

we all been in semi or full lock downs, self and society imposed for months on end, an entire year of cold and flu covid skipped.

you probably have a perfect storm of bullshit for a prime cold and flu season nm how it sorts out nm if an actual super cold flu or covid arises.

as well as scaring people away from hospitals and doctors for over a year, while demanding they get a shot for a 98% non lethal flu in violation of ADA and civil rights, so the health industry on life support after the unconstitutional obamacare.

or will it be too big to fail to the tune of how many trillions of tax payer dollars? tell big pharma and DC to pick up the fucking bill.


Maybe the better solution for the Wuhan Virus was to let everyone live a normal life. This is not Ebola. If you feel fine and you have to be TESTED to see if you are infected, just maybe it is only bad for the a certain few and those with comorbidities. Send resources to those who need it, not waste it on people who do not. Oh, do not make everyone suffer because you are suffering, that is not cool man.


Whose idea was it to put 1,000 kids into a building with vented heat for 6 hours?


Someone is going to have to invent a plastic head bubble with UV lights to kill viruses . Sounds ludicrous but what else would work?

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2021-29-Tu 04:29:17 pm

Someone is going to have to invent a plastic head bubble with UV lights to kill viruses . Sounds ludicrous but what else would work? Bubble boy


Timmy must be stealing my content, this was 9 days ago, and note it was in the UK and Canada at that time....


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