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The most entertainment you could get out of the Terminator franchise since T2 is discussing who would win in a fight - Sarah Connor or Ellen Ripley.


It's almost as if the #globalist multinational corporations that run #Hollywood decided their purpose was no longer to make #profits, but instead push a very specific social agenda. The frightening thing is that they have proven they are willing to lose billions to that end.


Dave said that each of the three Back To The Future (BTTF) films are connected and unique, similar to the first six main Star Wars movies. Yes, repeating the same story plot of the first BTTF in sequential films would be similar to how Star Wars: The Force Awakens is similar to the first Star Wars film ever made, A New Hope. Excessive plot recycling may be worse than carbon copy Disney films, etc, perhaps. Yes, it may begin to feel boring to have Marty McFly go to the 1960's to make sure his parents stay together in a new film. And then, imagine that he has go back in another movie to make sure his parents are still together in the 1970's. And then imagine that he has to make sure his grandparents stay together in the 1930's in a new movie after that. That might be similar to some of the repeated themese that you might find in the Terminator franchise. However, it is still possible to turn BTTF into a dating soap opera science fiction television show. If Marty had to keep on going back and forth through time, then he would become a Quantum Leap sex coach. That guy in Quantum Leap hopped around time. So, Marty would be a dating coach. If done right, it would be interesting in theory. Of course, BTTF is not that or has not been that. So, in other words, if you wanted to do that, you probably should not call it BTTF. So, I am saying it can be done if it was rebranded to focus on pyschology as opposed to science fiction. But as it, Dave is right. I'm just saying that it depends on the kind of stories you want to tell.

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