Evan Hafer hosts his good friend and fan favorite, Mike Glover for a conversation about raising children, perspective as a warfighter, mindset and being prep...

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Not what I expected. The intersection of rational thought and evolutionary compulsion is fascinating and while these guys don't consider themselves "right wing", understanding the coded side of humanity is essential to dealing with Progressive Fascism, an ideology that exploits coding to achieve power and create death and suffering.


Gun control started long before Reagan and Christians don't care what people do as long as they are not forced to participate. The notion that if people on the right just live and let live and there would be no leftists pushing themselves on the populace shows these guys spent a lot of time in the military and cut off from society.

Going off to live on your commune isn't an escape from politics because we are in a contest between those who want to be left alone and those who want to control every aspect of your life and maybe even send you off to a camp.

These guys aren't exactly ignoring culture, which is good because politics is downstream of culture, but they also don't understand culture. They get parts of it but not how culture applies to society.

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