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We seen this in 2016, I thought that the MSM would have collapsed by now. I never thought that the left would just put there blinders on and ignore the lies, as well as repeat them.

With a Smug Grin.


I would never, ever vote for Bloomberg - and for a legion of reasons. But two biggies for me are: 1) he's the Big Gulp Gestapo; 2) he says tax the poor so they have less money to waste.

I don't even drink much soda, but I don't need a tyrant telling me I can't have all I want. I believe we should tax the poor, but not because they waste money on items I don't approve of. I believe we should tax the poor so they have some skin in the game. When they're clamoring for politicians to raise taxes, they need to know that means THEY'LL be paying more taxes as well.


"Deputy Director of Hispanic Media"

Somebody has too much money. A bureaucracy dedicated to procuring ethnic voters. In a country that prides itself on equality of citizenship, some people are obsessed with promoting differences.


The MSM isn't gonna brainwash any new people at this point unless you can miraculously find somebody who's somehow managed to avoid 24/7 Orange Man Bad coverage over the past 3 years. In fact the more insane they get, the more people they're likely to redpill.


You'd think most people would have learned this lesson about the #MSM when Cronkite admitted to being a communist.

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