Skillet's official lyric video for the new reimagined version of their single 'Terrify the Dark' from their upcoming deluxe album Victorious (The Aftermath)....

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The light is stronger than the dark .. consciousness is stronger than unconsciousness .. this is neurologically true as the left hemisphere acts to suppress right-hemispheric impulses (although those are obviously not necessarily "bad"). Contra current critical theory, we aren't judged by our worst unconscious desires, but by our actual left hemispheric decisions.

But the terror is the recognition that one is only trapped in the darkness if they choose to be, the terror is the fear of having to change, to grow. The recognition that there is nothing that can be blamed for suffering but our lack of forgiveness .. and forgiveness is merely the belief that something can be healed. That's the entire picture of Jesus .. healing and forgiveness, because they are the same. Even crucifixion - can be healed.

How do we choose to believe something can be healed, choose forgive? Faith. "Lord I believe, help my unbelief."

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