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Let me get this straight. It is ok to allow rich people to "advise" poor people to sell stocks they have, and then the rich people swoop in when the price is low. But it is NOT ok when poor people buy stocks at a low price? Personally, this sounds like class warfare. Followed by "divide on conquer" tactics when you divide the poor people using "race" issues on the poor people.

Since I am Chinese or Asian. I will use an Asian reference. Poor Asian and White (words organized based on alphabetical order) people have more in in the common with themselves, then with rich people outside of culture and religion. Maybe this is why Christianity is attacked, it could unite all christians in the US and the world. The Elites playing the "Divide and Conquer" game had better be careful. When you play with fire, you just might burn yourself, or the world you live in.


wall street gets bailout you get your jobs and wages sold to globalism.

fat cats get the tax dollars rather than live within means and tighten the belt. but they happy to make you do it.


The Joker cancelled the pipeline. Doesn't other forms of transportation cost not only in money but greenhouse gases?

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