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Tim is a fucking Idiot for disregarding this evidence. He sounds like he would defend his daughters rapist because there were no pics or video evidence.


I believe it, it's the CCP after all.

Meanwhile, the MSM...

MSM: "The Chinese whistleblower is a IST/PHOBE and must hate chinese people! She's working for Trump! Orange Man Bad!"


Whistleblower?!? Quick ... hide her name. It is imperative that the world not know the identity of the whistleblower. Her life would be in danger. Just call her a "well-placed anonymous source".

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2020-22-We 05:22:41 pm

Whistleblower?!? Quick ... hide his name. It is imperative that the world not know the identity of the whistleblower. His life would be in danger. Just call him a "well-placed anonymous source".


The military industrial complex will get its war one way or another. They werent just gonna let Trump make peace.


Come on Tim, we are told to believe all women.

Actually, I think there is an overplay Dr. Yan's hand. Her research provides evidence that the virus would unlikely emerge in nature. Conditional on it being manufactured in a lab, she has no evidence it was negligence or intentionality that led to its release. Of course, the CCP is being too opaque and there needs to be a reckoning.


What Dr. Li-Meng Yan is explaining about the coronavirus pandemic pretty much explains the actions taken by the Chinese Communist Party during the earlier stages of the pandemic such as buying up a lot of PPE and selling them for billions while destroying other countries' economies and spread of authoritarianism. (BTW she needs protection ASAP if not done so already)

She is a whistle-blower who is putting her life on the line as she cannot return to China, even Hong Kong at this point, without being captured and sent to execution for "crimes against the state and committing treason".

What twitter is doing with her account puts forward the notion that she (may be) correct in her statements as she is being censored by big tech.

I hardly trust in the American scientific community anymore to say it was "naturally-occurring" and not engineered at a Wuhan bio-lab level 4 with major lapses in security and sanitation.

If everything is true from Dr. Li-Meng Yan, I don't believe she is lying, then China has declared bio-warfare against America and the rest of the world.



Ah of course it was in collusion with the Marxist cia dems


all of the Data that she has needs to be made public and be reviewed by neutral scientists to validate her findings or to disprove her findings, I suspect that her findings are accurate and will stand up under such a review.

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