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If you buy a house, beware. It is a big purchase and fraught with complications. The Californian had misconceptions about how much the state can protect you when buying a house. He complains about schools. His kids get the same education as everyone else - seems reasonable. All in all it seems like the dude wants to complain. The weather bothers him. The food choices bother him. The culture bothers him. He seems to want to be bothered.


Damn, if could afford a house like that and live in it, I would love it. So much space. Anyway, on to the main point. This sales executive is so entitled, he would rather pay higher taxes and live in a smaller home. Maybe he can with his salary. Tell his story to working class people. These people would love to pay less taxes and have a bigger home at the same time. Oh, if you think "heat" is oppressive, this guy would NEVER make it in Canada. Here "heat" will not oppress you, rather it will be the "bone chilling cold" winter oppressing you. And trust me, it is WORSE, it can be a nightmare.


bland monoculture says the white savior. And one guy isnt bucking a trend. Its one data point.

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2021-08-Tu 08:08:50 pm

bland monoculture says the white savior.

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