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You can log in Dissenter again, and this is how!

If you find a website you want to comment in you can go to this link


and paste in the web adress and click "START TREND" Then you can write your comment to the webpage. So you do not need a browser or extension. Just that link. :)

The extension still works and is way more convenient.

So if you do this, Dissenter extension lets you log in, and then you can comment freely again all over the place!

If you don't have the extension you can find it here https://github.com/gab-ai-inc/gab-dissenter-extension/releases/tag/r12

Download the chrome one, unzip it, put the folder from the zip somewhere safe because that is the actual extension, open the extensions window from more tools in chrome, click load unpacked, point to the extracted folder, restart chrome, click the extension puzzle icon top right, pin dissenter so it shows. Change options in dissenter so it shows, and counts all comments.

It will not be logged in, but you now know how to log it ;)

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