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Based on the principles "the right" uphold, classical liberals are now right-wing. The only people left on "the left" are marxists and communists. The right doesn't have to call them that, they proudly call themselves that, put the flags in their Twitter, etc. You can't fence-sit in this situation. The left caused 2 billion in damages rioting in a single year. What's the right's count? All those deadly right-wing "riots" full of armed people who stood around and then went home. All those peaceful left-wing "protests" that burned and looted everything in sight, assaulted people, and then went home. It's like what Tim Pool does, where he'll bring up 100 different violent events the left has done, and 1 violent event the right has done, and then stand back and say "See? There's violence on both sides." It's technically true, but it's lying through the truth. The left and right are not equal by any stretch of the imagination, and pretending they're comparable at this point in history is as disingenuous as it gets.

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