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If we ignore the genetic and social evolution of our species, we can attain Utopia! Correct?

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2019-01-Mo 12:01:55 am

If we ignore the genetic and social evolution of our species, everything can attain Utopia! Correct?


well considering none of their revolutions have ever worked out well for the people maybe they should stop being narcissistic *sshats and just give up on ideals that dont work to try something that will. y a... gl with that happening. the left is all about whining and making things worse.


I tend to have a fairly straightforward standard when it comes to these things, namely that if someone claims to be an unironic fascist or communist in the year 2019, my default assumption is that they're a moron.

That parts of the media have seemingly not also adopted this standard tells me all I need to know about those outlets.


Red Ice TV, for anyone who wants the truth should watch some. Sargon hasn't watched much. I have watched 100's of hours.

They are nationalist who believe that whites are in decline in all original home nations. They are non violent and want to get their points across in words. Sargon seems oblivious to how censured and throttled red ice are. Politics is still the answer to red ice but they think whites need to grow a in group preference again. tribalistic cultures on or borders and within are not playing the same game.

They want us to rediscover are local identities. For fuck sake sargon wake up.

You sound like Nigel Farrage as you try to politically isolate yourself from the bad guy nazi's. Throwing labels about like this is stupid but not politically so.

The alt right are realists. They want a future for our people and not just our ideas of so called democracy.



You're going to lose my support if you continue to push the bullshit claim that "alt-right" represents a radical group with extreme ideologies. Most of the people who bought Kekistani merchandise considered themselves to be alt-right, and most-definitely do not view white people as superior.

Whoever is attempting to solidify a definition for "alt-right" is deviously attempting to rewrite history. If they succeed at defining it as something entirely different to what it actually was at the time, all future history books will paint freedom-minded individuals as racist. Wikipedia will state that the alt-right are a bunch of racists, and the articles for you, Donald Trump, etc, will state major support from the racist alt-right. Any legacy left behind from the good and just individuals, who viewed themselves as alt-right, will be viewed as something that needs to be undone.

Dump whatever source-of-truth bullshit media is giving you this definition of alt-right, and stop retroactively painting your fans as racist.


Nazis ain't just German.. furthermore "alt-right" are just fake Nazi scum.

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