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I respect David as a meditation teacher, but he is confusing capitalism with cronyism and is totally off base; this is what tends to happen when someone talks outside of their expertise as Thomas Sowell talks about in his book Intellectuals and Society. Most people confuse cronyism with capitalism and do not understand basic economics. Cronyist government gives rise to inequality, and equality of opportunity is incompatible with the impossible dream of equality of outcome. Cronyism is intermediate socialism which is partially destructive and is modern-day America, socialism is entirely destructive which can be seen through all of history (Scandinavian countries are not socialist), and capitalism without cronyism is equal liberty, meritocracy, equality of opportunity, and offers the best chance to save the environment through the effects of the highest possible innovation and highest possible and most equal market competition. To have a better idea of real economics and how government beyond the protection of life and property negatively effects us all, start here and then go to Thomas Sowell: https://mises.org/economics-beginners

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