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Welcome to the outrage, Tim. Perhaps you can now see why The Leftist Industrial Media Complex IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!

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2020-33-We 10:33:59 pm

Welcome to the outrage, Tim.


The Batchelor gets as much/more viewership than an address from the leader of the country??

I'm more worried about that future than the post Corona Virus world.


The media now wants to ban the Presidential press conferences they demanded for months because Trump is winning more support in polls. Trump plays them like a fiddle


Haven't we seen over the last four years how the #MSM like lying or post misinformation to the people. They have a a narrative they wish to keep so they will twist anything to make the people to distrust Trump and conservative views.


The MSM is playing with fire here. If they think that not airing the briefings through network TV is going to prevent people from accessing a live feed, it may be their undoing.


Words fail me.

How could a news network not want to cover this?

These are wet-dream numbers, regarding advertising.

These people should just be locked in a mental ward.


Local news isn't inherently better Tim. And guess who owns them? The same corporations that the MSM is.

Is't the same shit just with a "Small town" Branding on it. And they lie just as much. It's a widespread problem Tim. The only thing useful from the news that you can trust with any degree of consistency is the weather reports.

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