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I'm glad you made this video because it shows how you guys make things up. Nothing you said in the first 5 minutes of this video I've heard so far has been substantiated. Do you know what substantiated is? PROVE these outlandish claims you're making.

The fact that you say police are doing this proves you don't even have the faintest idea of the job of police. Perhaps you meant investigator instead of police? No matter who you're talking about, how do YOU know? Where are you getting this information? Cite your sources.

You guys can't do it. You literally make everything up. Figure out discord and give me a call there so we can actually engage. You can link me your sources.

8:50 - professional deep fake? When has a "deep fake" ever been used to try and convict anybody in the history of criminal justice on this planet? You'd better cite a source RIGHT NOW saying things like this.

Oh man you are tightening my jaws, dude. Cite the case RIGHT NOW.


Update: This was a channel called Wittle Wabbit. Expose the Narc which has since been deleted.


Archive of the channel: https://archive.ph/fyP2C

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