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It's not the fucking SIZE of the ear, Tim. It's the fucking shape of the ridges inside the ear, you fucking idiot. IT'S OBVIOUSLY DIFFERENT! EXTREMELY DIFFERENT!


Well here is the math on epsteain.

number of people that wanted him dead and would sleep easier with him dead


the number of governments that might want him alive/dead.


the nottion that epsteain could not have parlayed his knowledge and etc into a deal with the feds or the potus or some other govt.

vs the idea that epstein was just dejected and emo and just wanted to end it all because he knew he was about to be tossed under the bus.

and when you get outside factors telling epstein your done just end it or stfu and rot. that is not really suicide either.

and the broken bones just clinch it for most.

they need to pour over that neck with the finest tooth comb account for every force exerted on that neck and get multiple opinions as to the probability of that being self inflicted given epsteains circumstances in a max security cell alone allegedly.

the warden needs to be snapped up.

this is a shitshow.


As the Church Lady (SNL) used to say, "well isn't that special"


clearly, its aliens. we can either move on or ask for elvis back.


It was the Ghost Writer!


i dont know if epstein was murdered or it was a body double but regardless part of the reason i dont believe in the suicide narrative is because of how hard the media pushes it. this could easily be spun into an anti-trump narrative about him covering his ass but nope. its weird


Messaging. Intelligence agencies communicating. Check out the Amazon reviews written by "G Maxwell", very interesting.

  1. There is no way for people today to know how many people thought the Earth was flat but we know some people did because there are still people today who think so.
  2. That is irrelevant to the discussion of Epstein because we are observing it in real-time with OBVIOUS effects.

If he intended to kill himself, why didn't he sign a new will before his first go at it?

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