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Lucky for us... our country is set up nothing like Italy and most of the country is nothing like NYC.

This is also why I've avoided living in large stacked cities. Well... and because I can't stand people.

(And because it's almost always ruled by Democrats with terrible policies)


if you are concerned about surviving any worldwide breakdown of trade and supply lines you would hoard food, medicine, water, and weapons as a nation.


Italy has mismanaged their economy for so long they don't have the reserves for this emergency now they are wanting northern europe to bail them out.


btw, are we still importing around 40% of the food we consume?

hang on. can we go back to mafia is prepared to step in? i want to hear more about that. in what way are they prepared to step in?

ive got enough food to last another month, a $ store which has promised not to close just outside of my neighborhood, and im living decently far from a large city. i expect my area should be fine for either the entirety of this lock down or for almost all of it.

we need everyone to calm down and tell others to remain calm. we have a large enough stockpile in our nation to last as long as we keep calm and dont overstress the system.


So those wildfire areas in Cali could be used as farmland.


This entire video seemed like just a reason for Tim to Make some quick cash Shilling Prep Food. More News and Less Ads would be most appreciated.

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