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One out of every Three Leftist... are just as stupid as the other Two.


They don't get even one bit of sympathy from me. The DNC made their nest, now they have to endure when the psycho communists come roost on it.


Don't say illegals can't vote, Tim. They can and do. It would be more appropriate to say they can't LEGALLY vote. Of course, dead people can't legally vote either, yet they do vote.

During Obama's second run one district in Pennsylvania had a 120% voter turnout. Explain that!


No Tim, you guys need to move to another country, and figure universal healthcare out over there, tired of you guys taxing the shit out of me, and experimenting with the money you've taken, to no avail!


Y'know, everybody with sense can tell you which way the wind is blowing with this election, but I seriously wonder about what happens afterwards.

I mean, setting aside our own schadenfreude in the short-term, the left never really came to grips with how 2016 happened, after all.

Instead, they comforted themselves that Hillary won the popular vote and that it was all rigged by Russia, and by the time that latter narrative got sunk, the entire question of "How did 2016 happen?" had been effectively memory-holed, in spite of the importance of that question.

So when it happens again, what happens then? Do we make the leap to large-scale bloodshed?


This shift to the far-left is of no consequence to me and those who are not INSANE in identity politics.

Anyone who is even slightly to the center, away from the far-left, is considered "far-right" by their standards.

Watch the leftist's tears falling and heart-wrenching screams🤣 when Trump wins 2020. 😎👌


Dems are panicking over the fact that they have turned their back on America and now.....America is turning their backs on Dems. Stop making American values and pride in our country evil. We are not mindless cattle we will not follow you.


So in other news not really related to this video Andrew Yang refused to condemn Antifas terrorist like attacks on people and assault's like he did with Alt-Right groups in the past, he refused to say attacks done by Antifa are wrong. There you go Tim another Dem who you support refusing to condemn assault and attempted terrorist attacks on people. Dems seem to have an issue calling out the left same goes for "The Squad" (a dumb name sounds like a bunch of 13 year old boys playing COD)


Wait till they start calling for the evacuation of the cities and year zero. The Democrats aren't done until the killing has begun.
Just reject communists(ANTIFA) and their lunatic political fronts.


People don't consider their state/local levels enough. They insist on National Social Programs, not a State Program debate.

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