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More lies and/or avoids from the PR rep of the White House Liar in Chief - Lyin' Biden! Started lying in law school by plagiarizing for his work. Lied to his wife when he cheated on her until she drove into oncoming traffic and was killed. Lied to the public when he claimed the truck driver was drunk and in the wrong (both lies). Lied to the public again when he claimed he met his current wife years after he actually met her (when he was cheating with her on his wife). She lied to her then-husband as she was cheating on him. His lies led to the end of his first presidential run. His corruption and lies led to the end of his second attempt. This many has lied his whole life, has done nothing for the country of benefit for decades, and is continuing in his lies and devastation of America.


Hardly anyone voted for this bunch of charlatans. How did they and their swampy ilk end up in power?

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