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A little bird told me that there's people in Brazil planing in arresting Glenn Greenwald, since he's another one that tried to smear Brazilian president Bolsonaro as IST/PHOBE (you know the drill) with proved fabricated "evidence". We'll see if it goes anywhere.


While our "world cop" role has been twisted, as was the UKs before us.

But a key role of the "world's currency" which is the USD is insuring free and open trade. the fiat angle you can quibble with (audit the fed) but insuring trade routes land air and sea (currently) is a top job for us and the reason why we keep such a high military budget to keep chin-nya and anyone else would get ideas about upsetting that, see south asian sea today, nm if they got clever and ganged up.

She not bad but she not nuanced enough on the "world cop" role, baby with the bathwater outlook, you too timmy but you long been a foreign policy low info person.

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