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The left isn't just any collective, they are the Borg Collective.


From what I understand, you can be investigated if you type how to make an explosive device that can hurt and kill people. And you should be. I am guessing the Leftist Lunatics are immune while individuals not using the proper "pronouns" in the UK are arrested. Apparently words are more dangerous then explosive devices.

Oh, based on CensorTubes history, odds are good they will make it impossible to download an actual video. Criticizing people with no self awaremess? How dare you. Download from Bitchute.


knock the water or power out in nyc extended and it would be chaos.

they going to create a 12 monkeys for real fear porning these fucks with bullshit.

stop skewing your temp data.

stop fudging the snapshots and data to scare idiots.

stop telling people THE WORLD IS DOOMED IN 10 years for 40 80 years running, boy who cried wolf called said give it a fucking rest.

take al whores nobel back.

stop pretending shipping production and mining to ccp run china is a solution to anything but weakening the united states and burning the planet to a crisp.

they dump nuclear waste into the ocean wildly and blame japan for it.

they will dump carbon and toxins into the waterways especially the ones flow into india. blame india for it.

they damming up the other ones to starve out their neighbors.

they communists that abuse people have no morals and abhore them and you think they gonna get serious until the planet is a smouldering ash via bio nuclear wasteland.

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