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Something truly tragic with this story. Ms. Zhu, according to the article, immigrated (legally) to the US from China, a place where she would not only be stripped of her title but probably also gulagged for speaking out against the establishment (In China's case, the government).

Now here she is, in the US, in the supposed Land of the Free, and she's still getting stripped of her title, "but at least she's not getting gulaged."

NO! NO! NO! Punishing someone for speaking statistically proven facts and backing up their argument with links to said facts should not be punished! Ms. Zhu, a legal immigrant/refugee (tbh I consider any Chinese Immigrant to the US as refugees), woman, and Asian. Isn't that three checkmarks on the oppression pyramid or does her being a statistically smarter Asian negate those points?

Those idiots on the left want to talk about stunning and brave? THIS WOMAN is the personification of both stunning and brave! She fled a horrible country to seek a better life, on pain of death! She highlights statistical facts and proven truths to shine a spotlight on the issues in hopes of fixing and changing them, something that is expected of the MWA participants, and what happens?! She gets demonized, attacked, fired from her job, and targeted for this! Shame on the MWA!

We need a new women's pageant of some kind, where only true American women who love America can participate. I suggest the Miss Liberty or Miss Columbia pageant as a good name.


Thank God I am 1/1024th black.

I would hate for these dick faces to lump me in with all you racist honkies.


You know Sharia Law has come for your country when a working woman gets fired for not wanting to adhere to subjugation practices of the "religion of peace"


Tried to force a woman to do something she didn't want to do... 🧐 And then she lost her job because she didn't let someone force their will onto her body?


Dissenter has become the Timcast channel. Slow down Tim, you're killing us here. Too many😒


The Left: Think the way we demand or we will destroy you.


What a coincidence, I'm having my own pageant and would love to fill the openings.

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2019-41-Sa 01:41:27 am

What a coincidence, I'm having my own pageant and would love fill the openings.


They were not offensive tweets.


Now Zhu is I think a Chinese name, so calling her a Nazi will happen, but know the history of what the SS' Japanese Allies did there. Her account is PoliticallyKathy, yeah they knew this before.


Wonder when people are going to acknowledge that we need to seriously address our private sector's flagrant disregard for basic human rights guaranteed by the constitution.

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