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alec baldwin, despite his training and experience with guns on a movie set, somehow killed a someone with a gun in his hand. I says ban alec baldwin from movie sets and hollywoke. After that, alec baldwin needs not worry about killing someone on a movie set or hollywoke again. Problem solved right?


Having meals with work people are write-offs. That's why you have them. The armorer conceivably could have slicked or modified a single into a double action, or someone could have. The Director is in charge of the set, why is no one talking about this person? I'd avoid any eye witness shit, practically. His or anyone's. Oh as for pointing the fun, there is lighting all around you and sound people and there is no way you can point a gun on set and at no one. What option did he have to put a bullet in there? That's pretty stupid, it means he has brilliant dexterity. I doubt he has any top level hand/eye coordination at this point.

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