The Rust investigation has begun and more information has dropped. Alec Baldwin might not be in as much trouble as this person! Join this channel to get acce...

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So far I doubt anyone will be charged in this. Anything anyone could be charged with would require they prosecution to prove criminal negligence. Very stupid , reckless, even negligent doesn't = criminally negligent. You have to have done some something you knew could directly lead to harm. Doing something that could if a number of other things don't happen as they should lead to harm doesn't cut it.

The armorer could at the extreme most be charged with something like mishandling a firearm, but such charges are normally misdemeanors and are usually only applied to the person who pulled trigger....Without doubt the production of Rust will be sued over this and the insurance company will lose a S ton of money and there's some chance Baldwin may get sued. The armorer likely won't be sued because I doubt she has any assets they can sue her for.

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