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the IPCC United Nations panels are realy not a good source of information. They are not trying to find causality between CO2 rise and temperature rises (so far none found... also the corelation itself is very shaky...) ...they are also not trying to find how much CO2 is man made and how much is natural process caused by sun and million other factors The climatology itself is so far really not a science. Its just a proto-science... they dont have any scientifical methods that would help them to prove or disprove anything... they just measure some data and get scared about them... and the IPCC panels are part of how the fear is spread :P (Bjorn talked about something similar) I get that Bjorn is using their data because its easy for him... he doesnt care about their non-sourced claims that everything is manmade... hes just trying to find solution to that problem regardless of who or what caused it :)

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