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Everyone investigated Trump.

NOBODY investigated the fucking democrats.



Rudy Giuliani is the fucking Road Warrior.

Fox News is a pack of unrepentant faggots.


Look at Fox news trying to Shill for the DNC... Never thought I would see the day where they were openly carrying water for our national assholes! Trump tries to keep his biggest campaign promise on draining the swamp, and when he makes an actual move, they decide they HAVE TO Impeach?! Fucking unbelievable, these assholes deserve to hang, they're all guilty of treason at this point!!!


Chuck Todd is a homosexual faggot.


Howie Kurtz is a sorry sack of shit. I hate that motherfucker... almost as much as I hate Chuck Todd.

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2019-21-Tu 04:21:13 am

Howie Kurtz is a sorry sack of shit. I hate that motherfucker.


democrats trying to deflect to protect hunter and joe biden until they can coronate Queen Killery Clinton into office. They are sure stalling for time right now, thats all this is. The left are going to throw him under the bus, it's inevitable.


Fox news is a hive of shitty little RINO maggots. Peddling whatever narrative the DNC tells them too. At what point will the hangman's gallows be erected? Pretty soon they'll be eating shit out of diapers- mark my word!


What law says a “political opponent” can’t be investigated especially when it’s an undeniable crime that’s already been admitted to on national television? There is no such law.

If Biden killed Pence is he too big to jail just because he’s running for President? No, of course not.

The mainstream media has got the freaks on the left whipped up into a frenzy claiming political opponents aren’t supposed to be investigated.

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