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Leftists: Defund the police!

Trump: Then you also don't need federal money for anything else.

Leftists: Shocked Pikachu Face


It is called "Tough Love". When your child is doing wrong, but too old to spank, you have to intervene somehow. You shouldn't enable their bad actions. You shouldn't pay their rent if they are doing crack and not working. This tactic has been recommended by many family therapists, addiction counselors, and doctors. Why the hubbub? It's logical.


Anarchist Jurisdiction: Sorry Dimocrats you get no Federal Funding, and no FEMA funds because these Disasters could have been avoided. Soon to follow are the Rest of the Dimocrat run cities that have allowed RIOTS and done nothing to protect their TAX PAYING CITIZENS across the USA. Within the largest 100 cities by population, 74 experienced riots. Then there the smaller ones that are within range of the huge Dimocrat slave pens (inner city ghettos.)


sounds fair if they refuse to use the funds for what they are provided for then those funds should be reallocated to places that can use that extra funds.

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