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@MaggieAstor and @NYTPolitics are a PATHETIC excuse for human beings, much less #Journalists!

The #Media is no more than paid under the table operatives for the criminals within the #Democrat Party who spew non-stop LIES and PURE #Propaganda.

There was a time in America when most "Journalists" were at least CAPABLE of telling the TRUTH!!! But that time has surely passed!

ANYONE should know, whatever the mainstream media liars say, believe the OPPOSITE! If the news tells me John Doe is a crook, then I KNOW he's an honest man!

If the media says you are the "messiah" then I KNOW you are actually the Anti-Christ! The left and democrats are nothing more than organized crime, lying to people to manipulate their reality so they'll vote to keep democrat tyrants in government fleecing the American People!

The New York Times & Democrats go together like peanut butter & jelly and EVERYTHING they do is designed to bring forth an #EVIL result!



THE NEW YORK TIMES -- trust our cat-lady reporters.


Crush these scumbags.


LOL, James is on fire!


Hah, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas is a man without fear. Let NYT burn together with every lying scumbag in silicoin valley. Silicoin was a typo, but I'll leave it there cause it's rather fitting for all of them. Free speech is king and it's rather sad that we have to rely on a religious scumbag to deliver it. Yes, I don't like the gab founder at all and find him idiotic at the best of times, but he mostly had the right idea with gab, although his religious views infected it's terms of service.


James O'Keefe is a hero, and he's pissed. NB. He does not seem suicidal and he doesn't drive an exploding car.

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