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I wonder if people who complain about cultural appropriation are gonna attack this for having black, brown, and asian actors playing germanic/polish cultural characters... methinks not.





they blackwatched the elf !!!! it is impossible to create media base European Ancient Foklore witrhout black people.

Netflix try to say black are native of Europe. Stop this blackwash ... people stop see media with blackwash. Look at all these black, brown, and asian actors appropriating germanic/polish culture!
There weren't any Black people in Europe before end of 19Ith. White only discovery black people in sub-Sahara Africa around 1400. They trying to make equivalencia between Indian of Americas and Elf


Netflix can literally go fuck themselves. I absolutely love the witcher, both the books and the games. But, I really hope this monstrosity is buried and forgotten fast.

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2019-33-Su 12:33:33 am

Netflix can literally go fuck themselves.


In the game F1 2018 the character Claire has light eyes and pale skin.

In F1 2019 she has black eyes, darker skin and much darker make-up.

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