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When it comes to regulation of porn on social media, it should be something the user decides to enable. A simple opt in option after confirming you are 18 is sufficient. The same should apply for all potentially disturbing (violent) content or even political content (without the age gate). Every social media site should allow you to filter your own experience.


Man it feels good to be in the warm embraces of moral censorship again. Maybe I'll finally get some of that Gen X experience kek.

I just want better dissenter back (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


Pizz Uff 1 second ago sadly the very fact that we are having to have this discussion is the true indicator of how corrupted our culture has become due to the progressives and the lefts influences on our moral fabric what anyone does in the privacy of their own space THAT DOES NO HARM TO OTHERS is no ones business but their own period end of discussion


Ban Feminism and Marxism as they are degenerate, then we will see about porn.


Porn is bad for you but like alcohol and cigarettes shouldn't be made illegal but should be up for individuals to decide to use or not. However it should not be ENCOURAGED the way that it is in current society.


Some people are disgusted by porn. Some people are disgusted by sex robots. Some people are disgusted by homosexuality (the act). Everyone is entitled to their personal opinion. The real crime is imposing your opinion on others. What happens in the home/bedroom should stay in the home/bedroom (as long as no one is hurt) and that's how society juggles social responsibilities and personal freedoms. Porn and promiscuity are interlinked. If one is banal the other one is too. So what's next? No sex before marriage again.


Repeal the 19th.


I'm mostly shadow banned on Gab/Dissenter now as i have the wrong political views, but I'll say this anyway; "If it's not bad why shouldn't we be doing it all the time?" Here's the Theravada (Buddhist) perspective: A single cheeseburger doesn't kill us, so why don't we eat 40 cheeseburgers a day every moment we are thinking and can cram another piece of the thing into our gullet while still able to twitch and move? Because MODERATION IN ALL THINGS. Life exists in a balanced state. Too much salt in the water kills sea life, too little, kills sea life.

And we could go on forever with examples, like, "If a video game is not bad, why don't we play games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and never go to work again or do anything else?"
you see where this is going.

On the subject of free speech, porn is the canary in the coal mine. The moment it dies on your platform, you know something is wrong with the people running your platform. NSFW buttons/tag filtering systems exist for a reason.

  1. Porn is not free speech. It is an action even though some use their mouths.
  2. If porn is banned the riots will increase and the number of rapes will as well.
  3. Porn is a threat to women since it requires them to offer more than just sex. They want it banned because most fall short.
  4. If it is banned a lot will continue in secret and the actual victims of forced prostitution won't be able to ask for help since they will be punished if porn is illegal.
  5. When talking about children viewing porn it is the job of the parents to actually do something (though they won't, because they are failing).
  6. Normalising porn is not a good thing, but I do not want the government entering my bedroom since they will abuse such power as history has shown.
  7. The bureaucracy this would require is insane. You can film with your phone or a USB cam and then share it via USB stick, which the cannot be checked without entering tyrannical territory.
  8. I really think parents should at some point step in and actually parent instead of the "hands off" approach. It is the job of parents to teach their kids self control. This is just fighting symptoms instead of the core issue.

I agree that there is value in not advertising porn, but this can be done in better ways indirectly.
In my country there are labels on movies/series warning about nudity or sex and I think that is the right way to go about this. Don't ban it, but simply tell people "this contains X" so they can make up their own minds.
Abortions should also be regulated more heavily since this increases the importance of choosing the right partner to have sex with. Currently women (in my country) can quite easily get an abortion to the point where there are more abortions than births. This devalues sex since the end result is a literal throwaway in the eyes of a lot of women (and there by also female prostitutes).




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