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More censorship on the Biden email scandal. Hidin' Biden continues to hide. More disinformation coming from MSM. More hypocrisy from the left and their supporting MSM. It just doesn't stop on it's own. It must be stopped.


We have certainly learned that Big Tech's approved "authoritative sources" are NOT authoritative sources AT ALL!!


the more that comes out about the actions of Joe Biden's family during the time he was Vice President the worse it looks for the Democrat elites.


as long as their kids are qualified to be working in some of these things it maybe ok.

its is not like to get your kid a job at a place if they not crack head sex addicts and have some skills.

the problem came in when joe used his son to fatten his bank account, while selling out the united states.

the whole family seems the utter worst, the wife that lets her husband go out for one last grift.

the husband that even when he was still there and not senile, he was center of using the spy acts against flynn and others. he was center of squashing a investigation into his son leveraging us loans to do so, something they accused trump of doing and wanted to impeach as i recall it was so criminal.

Joes son was freely providing blackmail material to every fucking foreign goverment on the planet while his father was veep and he was maybe doing it with full blessings of his father and mother.

quite the scumbag family. $$$$$$$$$$$$ over all.

so even if pelosi and co have kids in stuff like this and hope to fuck not, hunter is on camera doing drugs having orgies, china itself released some of it well played. there is allegations of underage girls, trafficking. if feinsteins and other kids are doing this stuff it would explain a hell of a ton however.

our FBI should be vetting this shit. handing our enemies leverage openly practically.

no wonder the establishment is so losing its collective fucking minds if all their kids are into this shit and it all starts tumbling out. fingers crossed.


No, #Timcast, nobody who voted #Trump in #Election2016 has forgotten that he was right about the #DeepState and #Russiagate. That's why any #poll that shows him behind #Biden that doesn't have him getting at least the same amount of votes as last time can't be trusted. More people support him now after being proven correct about the #MSM lies and #FakeNews than did initially - not less.


Our media, including social media, is owned by the left. If Trump wins then we need to hurt them in ever possible way.


I never wanted to see Hunter Biden PP. I can never unsee it


They must have linked Trump to the USSR through the Jews


i thought it was russia and china manipulating the election? Arent there already laws against corporations interfering in an election?

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