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I think you judge people on their words and deeds. To define what the Great Reset is you don't need a conspiracy theory. All you need is deductive reasoning.....We can start with the slogan "You'll own nothing and you'll be happy." This is effectively the definition of utopian communism and it's being offered to you by an unelected cabal of the richest people in the world. They aren't saying we'll all own nothing, they specifically said you will own nothing. As they have not included themselves in giving up ownership we can assume they will continue to own what they own and what you owned will now either also be there's or will become government property.

...Now the definition of ownership to have control over a thing. A system where control is split between the government and cabal of a 1,000 corporations is literally the definition of fascism. So the Great Rest is just a new sales pitch for Fascism.


read up on "Agenda 2030" - this is the prestage. it is allready decided about by the elites and you can find it in their official visions like "smart city", for instance in germany from the government servers: https://www.bmi.bund.de/SharedDocs/downloads/DE/veroeffentlichungen/themen/bauen/wohnen/smart-city-charta-kurzfassung-de-und-en.pdf?__blob=publicationFile&v=4

they want to enforce central planning, by digitalising everything and force everybody do join, by prohibiting analog money and information transfers. to make it clear: they want basically that you have to join a version of facebook in order to get a pay check and buy groceries.

she is godlessly naive by accepting the premise, that they are only in it for more money. they are not. they are in it for control over the world. they allready own everything - waht they want is to make sure, that it stays this way and not just own some more money.

these people want us to never be able to replace one of them by any means, or become independent from them - they startet each an every war in the last 200 years, just to make sure of that. look up, who funded hitler - guess what, there was no patreon.com back then.

we go back to the middle ages. "you will own nothing" means nothing else than "we own you". to them we are cattle. in the last 60 years it was interest of fiat money, that was their carrot to make us go to work. now all major markets are saturated. people don't need to lend or obviously can not pay interest anymore, so they need another carrot, to make us continue to work and be taxed, while not be able to change anything. so they try fear, again and again and again. swine flu was an attempt, that has failed. so they dumbed down our children, so climate change does the trick - and now they use kung flu to induce fear into the older people. and this time it worked.

be prepared. you will own nothing. and you will only be happy, but not because you really are, but because even thinking anything else makes you a nazi and will get you fired and disabled to buy groceries. it allready works in china. it will be done here, if we continue to do nothing.

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