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As always, whenever I see Tim speak well of Maher, I want to remind people that Maher repeatedly defended his desire for a recession. He also went on a long winded rant about the red state voters, depicting them as filthy peasants with cheap food, bad clothes and (shudder) working class, manual labor jobs. FUCK BILL MAHER, FUCK BILL MAHER, FUCK BILL MAHER! It's too little, too late!


It's afraid.


I am SO ready for Civil War 2: Nationalist Uprising Boogaloo!


We managed to co-exist with our differences for hundreds of years - until The Left ... The "Tolerant" Left ... became ideological purists.


This article is so dishonest. People can understand each other. They can change.

I know, because I grew up in a blue state. I registered Democrat. I wasn't irredeemable, I was uninformed. I didn't care about politics back then. But I was willing to listen.

Now I do my research. I read both sides. I google every candidate, even for my unimportant local elections. Now I vote for whomever I believe would do the best job. Whomever would be best for America, and all Americans, regardless of what party affiliation they hold. That's why Trump currently has my vote for 2020.


I can't help but facepalm whenever I hear Mr Pool refer to himself as "ahead of the curve" regarding the so-called Culture War when he barely has a 2015 level of understanding of WTF is going on.

And a surface understanding at that.



Bill Maher knows HBO is bleeding customers because of him. This is purely him trying to attract the 50 percent of his customers that actually work and have the money for HBO he laughingly alienated the past three years.


Bill Mahr is a fucking pussy.

He amps up all the retards, and then prances off like a fucking fairy.

Either throw down, or shut the fuck up.



Joker a film about killing the rich that have been stepping on the poor & mentally ill, hits a billion dollars & is considered the best film of the year... The Jews: Ok maybe we should tone down project Weimar 2.0 before the people do something about it, AGAIN.


Don't make promises you can't keep Maher.

Tim: I don't do tribes.

Also Tim: I'll keep saying good things about TDS-afflicted, Depression-Wishing Bill Maher, bc he's on my tribe.

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