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Yeah... give it a few minutes.

The "Chimp News Network" will recant and go FULL retard tomorrow morning.

Smart people will NEVER give that network the time of day. I'd rather get my news from the Twatter.


Oh my god Tim. You don't seem to realize what you are saying when you talk about wanting "leaders" to take care of things because most people don't care and don't want to do it.


This country is FOUNDED on the concept of the PEOPLE being the ones to make the decisions and NOT "officials" and "leaders". So of course when you say "most people' are not interested in politics and our government and what is happening you are talking about most LEFTISTS. The left wants an authoritarian government that will take care of them so they don't have to take responsibility for themselves. That's the WHOLE problem and the big divide between left and right.


I seriously doubt if even the "white supremacists" were "cheering on" the all-white legal team.

But I have NO doubt that the RACIST LEFT was taking note. They are firm believers in "judge a man by the color of his skin, not the content of his character - or legal skills".

And just as a fun fact, did you know that "African" Americans (AA) are held to a lower standard on the Bar Exam?!? That's right, Affirmative Action lawyers. Not to say there are not some brilliant AA lawyers (I like Clarence Thomas), but they're not held to the same standard to pass the Bar exam.

Just another fun fact: the American Medical Association is now doing the same thing with doctors - holding blacks to a lower standard.

Just something to think about when choosing your brain surgeon.


I hope they go into the Biden shit on monday!


Just so Tim isn't putting words in my mouth:

As a "far-right racist", when I see Trump's legal team, I think, "Wow, they must be hiring based on merit", but then I also remember that Tim considers jews to be White, so I take the entire stupid conversation with a grain of salt.


"people are motivated by self interest" Keep this in mind Tim. It's OUR money already. Trump is letting us keep OUR money. You mention the environment and Trump regulation. Trump is not letting company's pollute MORE. He is letting them do business. Big difference. Greta can go back to where she came from. The last time I took advice from a 16 year old things didn't work out so well.


"See our chart? Unemployment's going down!"

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2020-28-Mo 01:28:39 am

"According to our chart, unemployment's going down!"


"Trump's legal team is too white". Yes that's why he is winning. Why settle for third rate diversity monkeys?

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