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Can people without vaccines be labeled as handicapped? What's up with the American's with Disabilities Act?


I am curious what the Fake News Media will now claim once it is blm, the people they protected when it comes to "mostly peaceful" protests, will say when blm says vaccine mandates is bad. Will they go insane? Wait, they are already insane. What is worse then insane at this point anyway? More insane?

Sure I may not be able to post on CensorTube any more, but that also means I do not have to worry about watching my language either. You freed me from my own self censorship. Thanks I guess. If we are judged after we die, what I said may have been politically incorrect, but I can stand by what I said. At least it was THE TRUTH from observations and wisdom. Will the people preventing me to speak stand by their actions when their judgement comes?

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