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If Earth is a planet Pluto is more a planet than Jupiter, more a world than Jupiter too. Man has stood on Luna, will likely someday stand on Pluto, but will never stand on Jupiter or Saturn because there's nothing to stand on....The paper is right, we define what a thing is by it's characteristics and similarities to other things, not by it's relationships to other things. The truth is of the IAU's 8 planets 4 are giant balls of gas that have more in common with the sun than the Earth. Whereas the other 3 and those 280+ have more in common with the Earth than they differ. ... IAU can hold a vote tomorrow declaring sharks and whales are fish, goldfish are not. It wouldn't matter because voting can't make a wrong idea true.....The truth is Earth, Luna, Ceres and those 280+ other objects are all planets.

Also saying you don't want to recognize objects as planets cuz it will make teaching children harder is (Sorry for lack better way to say it) stupid. By that same logic why not teach children there are 4 elements. Earth, water, wind and fire. Sure none of them are actually elements by today's science, but hell it would be way easier than teaching the 118 elements on the periodic table.

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