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Well, what the Hell do you expect from someone who’s frightened of a fucking garbage disposal.

"Never Again" should politicians with a sub 80 IQ be allowed in office.


Mention Nazis and you have lost the argument as per Godwin's Law.


7000 live viewers is nothing lol...she is not mainstream, she is as fringe as it gets and everybody is just giving her more attention than she deserves. trump all over again

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2019-27-We 02:27:42 pm

7000 live viewers is nothing lol...she is not mainstream, she is as fringe as it gets


AOC should be forced to go to the border to see and feel the situation for herself, instead of just staying in a luxury home in DC, but she won't bc she's a stupid spoiled brat


i think tim and many others conflait her infamy with popularity.

she is an intellectual train wreck, either because she is dumber than dirt, or she is an actor out of her depth.

either way she is often so cringy and wrong to such a staggering degree people follow her to see wtf she will do or say next.

same reason lest some follow trump, not because they love him but they want to see what off the wall shit post he is going to make, to lol or hate on it.


Tim "ta ta ta today junior" Pool


AOC is a puppet with the "X Factor" - she is a very pretty front for some superficially pretty, but actually very ugly ideas.

See this very good video:


also this:


Worth a few minutes of anyone's time and attention.

Also what's the mantra we've heard from Antifa types: "No borders, no wall, No USA at all".


AOC and all the Left knows half the country and maybe more have been dumbed down in our schools to the point they can’t call bullshit on the bullshitters. The dumbness of Americans now generations deep. Grandparents, parents too dumb to call bullshit on bullshitters. Make a false adversarial statement that includes a reward of free stuff and 3 dumb generations buy it. GUESS WHAT?! The Right let it happen. The death dabbling Right colludes with the death dabbling Left and destroys ALL lives, the USA. It would have been easy for the Right to rally an end to such grand evil. But they didn’t and are not now. No political party exists today that wants to change the evil establishment. It will take a new Party, USA 1st Party that is willing to sacrifice here in civilian clothes like those in military uniforms abroad in horrid places in horrid conditions to get rid of bad leaders and bad government. Fight this evil establishment with what they and their cronies love most, money (taxes, profits, union dues). Peacefully unite nationally and Occupy Our Homes (OOH). Works for Unions so well they now just threaten to stay home to get what they want. They will give we the people back our government to get the money flowing again, even on our terms. We are no threat, and oh so dumb. Once done we are a threat and smarter like unions. We have the power of the purse. Stop letting politicians say they do and suffer for believing that lie. OOH! Occupy Our Homes!


Funny she never mentioned China's concentration camps where they harvest organs


"There's a mechanical monster in my sink!"

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