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Mail in Ballots is so obviously a scheme to be used for corruption that it's insane. Maybe Decades ago or when America had Morals we could of accepted such.

In this age we live in we have to assume people are corrupt and take all available precautions to secure something so important as an Election. Those who believe in Mail in Ballots are either in league with the criminal intent they were meant for or completely oblivious of the situation.

Elections are a Sacred event to Americans and should be taken as seriously as possible. Treat it like the treasure it is and guard it like you would your Children's Future with an Eagle's Eye and ever Vigilant.


The Dims have been attacking and trying to defame Trump for 4 years straight, now they are desperate with election right around the corner, and will do everything to get back in power. It might not even matter if Trump wins by a massive landslide, the Dims won't be able to survive 4 more years of Trump.


Incoming November there will be chaos.

Chaos the Democrats have created and will pin it on Trump by calling him a fascist if he does anything to the far-left mob to occupy outside the White House.

The Democrats know they're losing, badly b/c of the far-left riots/insurrections and state/local leadership that took advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, so instead of conceding defeat they'll try claiming again of foreign interference and marginalizing "people of color" as described in this video, b/c the Democrats know they cannot survive another 4 years under Trump.

Whatever the case may be be prepared when the Left won't accept defeat, I suspect they won't at all even if Trump wins a major landslide, and they try to either secede states from the Union and/or attempt a violent coup of the White House and other branches of government.

After all, like 2016 has shown everyone, the Democrats are really sore losers.


Dear Democrats, Your leaders are going to get you killed.

When you see Right Wingers "Protesting" it will not be a larp, It will be Deathly Serious. We are not watching the same movie, and not playing the same game.

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