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Only scratching the surface, and misguided about the left. They were never a force for good, in the 60s-70s, they were in favour of free speech because they were the counter culture, now they've completed their march through the institutions, they've taken off the mask. Free speech has served it's purpose to them, now it's submit or be unpersoned.


Believe actions over words. You can't be sure what the motive is of your average woke person, but you can see their actions plain as day, and those actions are often apathetic, narcissistic, and sometimes downright evil. They can give their reasons all day but ends don't justify means, and saying you're good doesn't make it so. I'm reminded of the nice guy memes where someone belligerent and self-entitled keeps screaming about how nice he is and it's everyone else who's stuck-up.


Anyone caught doing this stuff, this "un-personing" BS, should be thrown out of the country and exiled permanently. We need to be able to exorcise these fools. Put a globe in front of them and tell them to pick a country (one that isn't Britain or the USA.) It's for their own protection, since time is almost up for them. People are just salivating at the thought of getting together with some friends and hunting down and beating these jerks down. They like beating up vets and old ladies, so they certainly deserve it. Have to be ready to stand up to the police as well. Safety in numbers.

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