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for some reason, people just love to prove Albert Einstein correct about the amount of human stupidity.


It's bad enough with teens of 2020 but I can't imagine the genius that is TikTok teens.

TikTok chimps is more like it. Perform little monkey... perform!!!!


When I was a teen, back in the early 70's, I lived in the county and the only ones telling me what to think were my parents, my older sister and brother, and teachers at school (who lived a mile from me). TV was little watched. I actually sent letters and our only phone was on a party line. I was a librarian, not a libertarian. Messing up in life was redeemable, there was no internet and my rebellion was to wear my hair longer and grow a scraggly beard. A fight in school got you a swat with the "Board of Education", a paddle that hung on the wall of the principle. Everyone carried a pocket knife but never pulled one unless it was to cut tape or open a box. Was life simpler? Didn't seem very simple at the time but yup, in hindsight, it was. I liked school, my parents, and siblings. I actually liked myself. Now, teens are pissed, agitated, and violent. They grow up to be pissed, agitated, and violent. What changed? Education changed. Parenting changed. Media (news and entertainment) changed. Years of propaganda has taken it toll. It will not change overnight, no matter what facts are known. We may have lost a generation to the feckless fuckwads. THAT is a pity and a shame.


DRUGS is NOT mental health TIM!!

We HAVE to STOP this false information before we end up giving the establishment the keys to just locking ANYONE up because of "mental health". I have been homeless multiples times AND worked for homeless shelters also.


The problem is most voters are women and women do not change their opinions as they get older. Men move to the center as they get older. If a woman is far left when she is in her 20s.... she will be far left in her 90s.

Also look at all the BAMN, Antifa, BLM and other such groups arrest records.... it is mostly women. I'm sorry, but there is a REASON countries that are rising don't have women leadership or womens "equality"

a year ago(edited)

Tim idiots have been giving donald trump money for years. Its why lots of people hate him so much. Heres a little secret you only get rich by exploiting idiots.

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2020-53-Mo 11:53:11 pm

Tim idiots have been donald trump money for years. Its why lots of people hate him so much. Heres a little secret you only get rich by exploiting idiots.


Things changed when they could get "famous" and make money spouting the party line.

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