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hes already got it. a lot of people would know this if leftist news wasnt delusional. we get that trump is a jackass but hes doing the job he was hired to do and hes doing pretty good at it.


Under Trump, the lowest recorded black unemployment rate ever ... EVER!!

Under Democratic rule, inner cities (the ancestral homeland of black America) are failing ... FAILING. All of them ... everywhere ... under ANY long-held Democratic rule ... FAILING.

Yeah, it's true. Now, that doesn't mean blacks are open-minded enough to recognize that fact and vote for Republicans and Trump, but it is most definitely true.


when people begin to think for themselves, it scares the authoritarian elites who want to keep power.


Hmmm. Surprise surprise.

You mean to tell me... that if you take people off the Government nipple.. provide access to good jobs... and don't chastise their race... they... LIKE you?!

Well, who would have thunk?! Sure AF not Democrats.


How pathetic:

"We haven't found the right language..."

"...a country with a deeply troubled racial past."

ALL identity politics - hey, black people ... over here black people ... your train is over here ... free food and free lodging this way ... you just need to work in the cotton fields for it.

THAT is what the Leftists think of black and brown people - and wamens.


All the racist progressives shocked that African Americans are smart enough to see thru their bullshit.


Dims are in panic mode bc they finally realize black ppl can think for themselves and aren't being fooled into staying in the plantation anymore.


John Mark (Mark My Words) claims that there's going to be a Civil War II because he believes that due to immigration and cultural diversity, there will be a time where the Democrats would lock in every election because everyone except White Men votes predominately Red. It's videos like this is why I doubt that will be the case. If enough people from all these diverse groups switch red, even though they're in the minority, the sheer combination of them may keep that from happening.

It just has to do with when Team Blue is driving voters away. The Left is becoming increasingly toward the left, and even today, they have become too far left for most voters, including blacks, hispanics, women, etc. These votes are for the Democrats to lose not for the Republicans to win. Everyone has a point where even a staunch Team Blue supporter is going to say, 'You're going too far Left for me, where you're heading, I can't follow you." And these people are either going to switch Red or just vote Present.

That's how Trump won in 2016: Trump didn't gain those votes, instead it was Hillary that lost them. Hillary discounted everyone that wouldn't vote for her instead of courting them, and just assumed that people who vote blue would've done so anyway. That's how she lost. You can't win an election that way, especially when you have an electoral college, which is in place to keep New York, Washington, and Los Angelos from looking at the rest of the country and go "Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up."

When that happens, you can start the clock on when Civil War II begins.


As black people become less racist, more of them will vote Republican, just like what happened in the South.


Polls ignore most of the variables. Are they going to go back to the Jim Crow tactics of old?

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